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Thursday, December 21, 2006

the Great Blizzard

Dude it snowed so much! It came up to my knees, but it doesn't show right in this picture because the dogs had already cleared a path.

It snowed for 2 days straight. It was (and is still) so pretty! It's not as much as a big deal here in the mountains because we're used to it, but the plains really got hit harder than usual. 5,000 people were stranded at the airport in Denver, but it sounds like that was the worst thing that happened in this storm. Shelters were set up and it sounds like people statewide have been warm and safe. Meanwhile the city of Denver opened up parks for sledding and gave away hot chocolate. Fun was had by all. My family and I, meanwhile, were also officially snowed in, but up in the mountains. It's hard to believe I was in short sleeves in South Carolina just a few days ago. Life is cool. :-)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

a love letter

July through December: classes, books, studying, lack of sleep, and crying over exams...

Friday, 9am: we took our last exam!
Friday, 11pm: We were done! Josh was so excited he couldn't focus.
We hung out in December in the 80-degree heat on the deck and took pictures...
...and Brendan hucked peanuts.

Friday, 2:30pm: As far as I can tell, everyone went home and napped.

Friday, 10pm: We came out again in full force! There was chatting...

...and generally being happy!

Saturday-Monday: I packedandmovedandflewhomeandhereIam!!
Postscript: I can't believe it's over. Last night I sat there feeling like it was the first time I'd truly had to just sit and chill (which is a total lie since A) I still have a ton to do and B) I did have a few truly relaxing moments over the past few months). Then I went to bed and promptly had a whole slew of school-dreams. But in a certain sense it feels like graduation, especially since I won't be back for so long.

I don't think I'll miss Cola very much. Nor do I miss classes -- obviously they are central to my education and incredibly important, and I have been known to be really excited by them. But they were grueling. And they were my job. My classmates, on the other hand, made the core not only bearable but truly enjoyable.

I had the pleasure of meeting some of my classmates back in March, during a weekend visit. It was the first of my school visits and as I made my lists of pros and cons (as my Birkman indicates I am wont to do) one of the pros of the Moore School was the people. Everyone had been so friendly and welcoming and different. I realized throughout my school visits that I wanted to be in a program with people who aren't just like me. Sure enough, when orientation rolled around I was so excited and impressed by the backgrounds and strengths and goals of everyone.
Six months have not changed my viewpoint. Anyone who survives the core is okay in my book, but moreover my classmates have done so with flair and good humor, and I feel absolutely assured that all of these crazy people will have success in their chosen paths. I will miss those whom I will not see until August (or perhaps, unnervingly enough, ever) and will appreciate the chance to get to know better those with whom I'll be in Mexico. So, three cheers, IMBAs!! You are all awesome. Congrats on finishing the core. You rock.