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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Rewind: Zacatecas

Well, gosh, if I'd known I was going to get lambasted...! ;-) I am rewinding to put up some pictures from weekend trips. In mid-March we went to Zacatecas (Jacalyn and I, and we hung out with Alex who happened to be there too). Zacatecas was a colonial city and mining town, and today is beautiful and awesome and I loved it. Additionally, I should invest in a thesaurus. At any rate, it was important for me to go there because many of my students in Colorado were from Zacatecas (although from the campo in the state, not the city). Sure enough, the city was quite different from the surrounding country, but we had fun either way.

This is said to be the most beautiful cathedral in the country. It was pretty cool. ;-) Especially at night. I'm still learning to use my camera so I was psyched a picture came out!

There was some kind of soccer tournament that day, and at night the teams' supporters paraded around the town, generally being loud and obnoxious. This group was from Chihuahua. We couldn't figure anything better to do (we had already had ice cream), so we paraded around with them!
There was dancing...
...and mezcal out of a jug. The people gave us these tiny ceramic jugs that were meant to hang around our necks and drink from. woohoo!
Let's just say this was depressing/hilarious.

Blogger doesn't want to upload more photos now so I'll post now and see what happens later!


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