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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kate's excuse for being lazy

I have spent time abroad before. I say I’ve lived abroad, because I spent 3 months in Costa Rica, and I was more or less in one place working. Even in Guatemala, I was there only a month but it was a stable situation. Both of those experiences though were tinted with “travel.” It would be a lie, of course, to say that my experience in Mexico hasn’t been travel as well. That said, this is my life. I am here with commitments and rent to pay and a phone and computer. Those things to a certain extent signal a Life. And I think that is why I have not been documenting it so much.

In past time abroad, the internet café has been such a part of the experience. Whatever I’m doing, there is always time every few days to sit and check email and blog. and I was always good at blogging! Well, good about it. I was having new and exciting experiences all the time and had plenty to write home about. Here the feeling is different. I have had some amazing experiences both on the road and in Guadalajara but most of my day has been filled with things like going to school, doing laundry, tracking down dinner… These are not things that ever need documentation. :-) And so I have not. But there are two updates that definitely need to be made: one being travels since I’ve been here, and the other being my experience. It has, after all, been almost 4 months. Wow. So those will be coming this week! For reals, because I posted it and now I have to uphold my promise!


Blogger Christopher said...

Cool, welcome back to the fold. I know how its hard to keep up. I have to make time for it, but I think its worth it in the end. I look forward to looking back on all I've written, said, recorded, etc etc. Maybe my grandkids will make fun of me too.

8:56 AM

Blogger David said...

Making a commitment is tough, but keeping them is harder. Good luck and I look forward to them.

Disclaimer: My "words of wisdom" should only be smiled upon and not necessarily taken seriously.

3:02 PM


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