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Saturday, September 23, 2006

brain space

To say that school keeps us busy is an understatement. Somehow we manage to keep cramming more things in, though. First, of course, came classes, as well as career management. Then many of us started work study. Career management commitment waxes and wanes, but now we are in full-blown internship search mode. Add to that efforts to maintain sanity, and you can accomplish everything you need to do by working 30 hours a day, 8 days a week.

The most recent addition is that of student groups, which promise to be well worth our time. My roster currently includes the National Association of Women MBAs and NetImpact, the corporate responsibility and etc good-feeling things group. This means that I can add two professional affiliations to my resume, bringing my grand total up to... two!

Meanwhile I have been attending some awesome campus events. I remember from college that awesome events are always happening, but so far USC has proved particularly awesome. I have seen Elie Wiesel and Paul Farmer both speak. This week there was a panel telecast from MIT about entrepreneurship in the developing world that gave me a lot to think about it.

All of this adds up to a complex situation. I'm reading and taking notes and listening for hours upon hours every day. And that's just for classes. Classes are of course vital and generally ok. But there is, as always, as much to be learned out of the classroom and I realized I will never pull it off unless I get myself really organized. And I'm not talking binders and sticky-notes, I'm talking my brain, which is a whole nother kind of challenge. The knowledge and notes I can handle, but I'm not yet sure how to deal with the questions and the conflicts. Again, part of it is sheer lack of time an energy for those things being diverted elsewhere. But there are so many things already that I know I want to carry beyond this place and remember and question and learn if if they're not in my notebook they're going to slip. So I will be attemping to post here in the future. No promises. :) Suggestions welcome!


Anonymous Lourdes said...

I encourage you to do it...Really, I will be waiting for your next post.

7:44 PM


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