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Monday, April 16, 2007

Zacatecas II

Here is the cathedral in daylight.
There are one or two cactii in Mexico.
Jacalyn is adorable but more to the point is that this seemed very European! This balcony was big enough for us and our tiny table, and the street was all narrow and tall. We waved to the tour busses and felt dorky.
View from the other direction. Note the cathedral in the back. It's the last (Zacatecas) cathedral shot, I swear!
In the mine with some dudes and shiny shoes.

Sometimes I drive myself nuts with the question of what I want to accomplish through travel. I want to do more than just see pretty things, but it's hard to gain access to the next level of a community, especially on a weekend trip. So I wander around. And that's pretty beautiful on its own.


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