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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Trip

A few pictures I took of Colorado's awesomeness before leaving.

Rocky Mountain National Park. It's hard to see in this size but my camera does this awesome panoramic-type function and this is really a cool shot.

Mt. Meeker. I wanted to type "Mount Meeker" but something about that seemed so wrong.

A shot of the front range (Boulder and whatnot) from Royal Arch. If you live in the area, do that hike! My favorite part of this photo is that the horizon is a little curvy.

Kansas! I-70. I saw a lot of this.

"The Oasis on the Plains." Truck stop recommended by Mary Beth because it has a Starbucks and a Quiznos. And yes, those are homemade palm trees.

Still in Kansas. Check it out, there are two! These were two incredible rainbows -- both complete and stretching from one side of the highway to the other. Little did I know they were signals of a massive hailstorm which was pretty exciting, and one of two I experienced on the trip. I was not aware that one pulls over during a hailstorm but fortunately everyone else was.

I got off the interstate in Tennessee to drive through Smoky Mountain National Park. It is free! And quite pretty. I was thinking on the way through that it reminded me of Latin America, simply because that's where I've had my experience with lush forests. Then the pictures came through and look exactly like photos of Coban, Guatemala. Duuude.

Some pretty flowers and whatnot in said Smoky Mountains.